About Naturopathy

A Naturopath works holistically to support the person as a whole, taking into consideration all aspects of being, including emotions, biochemical interactions within the body, and musculoskeletal components.   Naturopathy aims to bring the body back into balance using natural means such as diet and manual therapies including massage and hydrotherapy. Assisting the body in this way gives it an opportunity to begin to heal.  A large part of Naturopathy is education and implementing self-care activities which enable you to continue to treat yourself outside of therapy sessions. 

What to expect during a treatment

During the initial consultation we gather information about your presenting complaint/condition and identify the health goals that you would like to work towards.  We will ask questions about aspects of your case such as your lifestyle and medical history, as well as your immediate family’s health history to establish what may be impacting on your health from a broad perspective. This information gathering is important as it enables us to identify and work with the underlying causes that may be creating your symptoms.  


Follow up consultations may involve a variety of therapies depending on your agreed treatment plan. Therapies could include massage with aromatherapy, lifestyle coaching and nutritional advice depending on your needs, as our philosophy is to treat individual rather than the condition.


As empowerment is an important aspect of naturopathy you may often be advised about self care to carry out between consultations to help assist your body with finding balance. 


Price and duration of a treatment

The initial consultation lasts approximately 1 hour 30 minutes and follow up consultations last one hour. The cost of the initial consultation is £75* and the follow up session is £60.

*Concessional rates available on request, please contact us or 02032902203