Herbal Medicine



About Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is considered the oldest form of healing practiced by mankind and remains the primary form of medicine in many parts of the world. The modern practice of herbal medicine combines centuries of traditional knowledge with modern clinical knowledge and current evidence based research. Herbal treatment involves a holistic health approach that focuses on the individual and aims to stimulate and strengthen the body’s innate healing mechanisms.


The majority of herbs used are European, while herbs from North America and Asia may also be used if considered appropriate. Herbal medicine can be taken internally as infusion, tincture, decoction or tablets. External application of herbs may also be applicable in the form of creams, ointments and poultices.

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What to expect during a treatment

During your first consultation, which generally lasts about an hour, your herbalist will take a detailed case history covering your present problem, your past medical history, overall health, diet, lifestyle and present medication. Your pulse and blood pressure will be taken and a physical examination may be carried out if necessary.


After the consultation, a personalised herbal prescription combined with nutritional and lifestyle modifications form the basis of the treatment. A follow-up appointment is scheduled after 4-6 weeks. Regular reviews assure that treatment protocols change according to your progress. 


Price and duration of a treatment

Each treatment lasts for a duration of 1 hour and the first consultation costs £75* with follow up appointments at £50.


Herbal tinctures from £9 per 100ml

Herbal teas from £9 per 100ml

Herbal creams from £10 per 60g

Infused oils from £7 per 50ml

Herbal powders from £10 per 100g

Herbal tablets/capsules from 30p each


*Concessional rates available on request, please contact us @info@bewelllondon.com or 02032902203