Functional Medicine


About Functional Medicine

Functional medicine offers a unique approach to healthcare.  It encourages collaborative detective work between patient and practitioner – with key objectives including: uncovering root causes and triggers for disease, identifying potential genetic and familial health predispositions as well as environmental and lifestyle factors contributing to health imbalances.  Functional medicine takes a comprehensive look at a person’s health, looking for patterns from early life through the present and even through generations of family health.  Health, as viewed through a functional medicine lens, is not defined merely by the absence of disease, but rather as a positive vitality.  The goal is to  create and maintain optimal vibrant health.  Functional medicine is rooted in research and clinical evidence but also recognises the wisdom of health traditions that have endured for thousands of years. 


Functional Medicine Case Review


The Functional Medicine Case Review is designed to gain a comprehensive overview of your health including your health history, family health history, as well as lifestyle factors that contribute to your health picture.  The aim is to uncover underlying patterns, triggers and obstacles to optimal health to create a comprehensive treatment plan.


The Case Review process consists of 3 Steps:


1.     One 45-minute initial consultation where we gather a general overview of your primary health concerns, determine any appropriate functional tests, discuss initial steps and review the information gathering process


2.     Information gathering – in the weeks between your initial consultation and your case review appointment you will be asked to fill out a number of detailed questionnaires and to complete any functional lab tests agreed upon during your initial consultation.  A 15-minute phone consultation or email exchange may be scheduled to answer any questions related to initial steps and lab tests.


3.     One 60-minute Case Review Report consultation where we discuss the findings and initial treatment plan (typically 4-6 weeks following the initial consultation).


Treatment Plans

Treatment plans are personalised for you and often include recommendations for diet modification, supplement support, botanicals (herbal supports) as well as lifestyle modifications (e.g., sleep hygiene, movement, stress management, relaxation, relationship supports, reducing toxic load, etc.).


Price and duration of a treatment


The 3-Step Case Review as outlined above is £175 (20% off reduced rate for students £140); any lab tests, supplements or botanicals are not included in this fee.


Follow up appointments after the case review will be discussed as part of your treatment plan.  Follow up appointments are £75 and run for 45 minutes.


*Concessional rates available on request, please contact us or 02032902203