About Facial Acupuncture & Massage


Facial acupuncture and massage has been described as 'a natural facelift' that improves skin tone and leaves the face feeling lifted. The treatment is comprised of facial acupuncture, followed by an uplifting and relaxing massage. By stimulating the flow of blood and Qi to the face and boosting the skin’s supply of nutrients and oxygen, Facial acupuncture helps to prevent the formation of wrinkles and minimise the appearance of fine lines by stimulating the body’s natural repair system and accelerating anti-inflammatory activity and removing accumulative toxins from the skin.


Facial acupuncture may help:

  • Improve blood circulation to the face
  • Stimulate metabolism and regeneration of facial cells
  • Facilitate nutrient absorption
  • Increase collagen production
  • Improve facial muscle tone thereby reducing lines and wrinkles
  • Promote a natural glow and radiance

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What to expect during a treatment


During facial acupuncture very small fine needles are inserted in points in the body and all over the face and head. The needles are left in for approximately 20 minutes.


Afterwards, over 90 muscles in the face, neck and scalp are systematically massaged using a dry oil. Acupressure points are activated to promote energy flow and release of tension. Facial slide cupping and Gua-sha to stimulate energy flow are also components of this relaxing treatment.


Price and Duration of Treatment


The price of a single facial acupuncture treatment costs £100 for a 90 minute treatment. 


Although most people will see and feel a difference after a single treatment, the effects of facial acupuncture are accumulative and work best over a course of 10 -12 treatments (as the skin cycle of rejuvenation takes 12 weeks!).