"I was struck that I'd never been given the space and attention to interrogate my wellbeing, and focus on how I am in mind and body. The treatment was incredibly grounding and left me feeling profoundly centered and present in myself."


Josh, 30, London

"I was invited along to experience their MOT Wellness check – an hour and a half of examinations and assessments, which though may sound like quite a stretch, was actually made pleasant by the friendly, non judgemental and clearly very committed staff.

The MOT Wellness check is a comprehensive and detailed assessment; they start by asking you to recall your health history, taking into account any major illness or accidents from your childhood up to the present day. They run assessments on your present mood – asking you to reflect on the areas of your life of importance such as your home and work environment, sleep patterns, the support available to you from friends and family.

This is followed up by a series of examinations, both from Western and Eastern medical perspectives, to check your heart rate, the responsiveness of your eyes, your breathing and digestion. They have nutritional therapists on hand to analyse your food diary (kept for 1-3 days before the appointment).

After approximately two weeks the team sent me a ‘pathway to wellness’ report, an 13 page document which outlines the areas of strength and of weakness to be explored.

I learnt some valuable insights about my body’s ability to metabolise sugar which I am taking into account and I also felt they listened to me about my kidneys – I have had many kidney troubles – in a way which went far beyond the sometimes disappointing dismissiveness of the GPs I usually seek help from.

Be Well London’s philosophy is based around the belief that a multidisciplinary, holistic approach to health is best; their team of herbalists, nutritionists, acupuncturists and more work with their collective knowledge to offer a treatment plan best suited to the individual seeking treatment.

They seem to possess unbiased perspectives surrounding the different therapies and treatments, and you leave feeling satisfied that they have listened to and prioritised the needs of the individual above all else."

Alice, Welldoing.org