Seasonal Top Tip #1 Onion Cough Syrup

Festive Top Tip #1

Chopped onions steeped for a few hours in honey make a soothing cough syrup. Take one spoonful every few hours to calm sore throats and dry coughs. 


WHY? Onions can strengthen the immune system.  They work as natural antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, and expectorants (they loosen mucous so you can cough it up).  Raw honey is great for soothing itchy and irritated throats. It is also anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.  

Pamper Don't Purge!

Right about now, you may be feeling a tad overwhelmed by the plethora of dietary advice exclaiming the virtues of detoxing, dieting and cleansing.

As everyone knows, we humans are not that far removed from our friends in the animal kingdom. Nature dictates that January and February, when we are in the depths of winter, are really a time when we should be hibernating and’ storing our nuts’. Keeping warm inside and out!


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Top 10 Tips for the Festive Season

Top Tip #10!!

Now, after getting a good nights sleep, do you find it hard to wake up for work feeling refreshed and perky during the dark winter months? 

Does a strong cup of coffee set you right? Try a naturopathic alternative to coffee that involves no coffee - a cold arm bath. Submerge your arms (referred to as a local reflex area) into a large basin or sink of cold water (temperature 16 degrees celsius please) for 15-30 seconds only! Yes we know its cold...very cold, however, we promise you'll leave for work bright eyed and bushy tailed.



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