Autumn Top Tip #9 - Elderberry & Cinnamon Syrup

Elderberry & Cinnamon Syrup

Take a tsp daily to boost your immunity.



1 cup elderberries 

1 Cinnamon stick, 3 Cloves

3 cups water

1 cup local honey



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Autumn Top Tip #8 - Ginger Candies

Ginger Candies

Chew on them when you feel the need to warm up and/or aid digestion. 


Equal quantities of ginger root and demerara sugar



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Autumn Top Tip #7 - Vitamin D

3 Sun-free ways to get some Sunshine!


According to a survey by natural health products company Better You, 9 out of 10 Britons could be deficient in Vitamin D. 77% of adults spend most of their day indoors and they miss out on the sunshine the body needs to make vitamin D.


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Autumn Top Tip #6 Mood in Chinese Medicine

In Chinese Medicine it is understood that by making the appropriate dietary and lifestyle changes advised according to the seasons, it is possible to prevent illness.



Autumn is a difficult time of year for many, but awareness of the nature of the season can help us cope with the changes.   

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Autumn Top Tip #5 - Support the Immune System through Diet


To support immune function include foods rich in Vitamin C.

In addition to citrus fruits, vitamin C rich vegetables include peppers and plenty of green leafy vegetables such as kale, broccoli, parsley, and brussels sprouts.

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Autumn Top Tip #4 - Herbal Flu remedy

At this time of the year, rosehips are in abundance around England.


Rosehips are the fruit of the rose plant, their colour ranges from red to orange.


Rosehips are great at this time of year to give the immune system a good boost. Rich in vitamin C and flavonoids, rosehips are excellent for cold and flu prevention when made into a syrup. Adding raw local honey increases its antibacterial activities.


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Be Well in Autumn

It is vital to engage with our environment and external conditions in order to understand the changes that are occurring within ourselves.


Autumn is a time of harvest, of gathering and storing for the Winter months ahead.  The sun gets lower in the sky, the days get colder, and leaves fall off the trees.  


In Chinese medicine terms, the movement of qi (often described as life-force energy) in the Autumn is downward and contracting. Qi is moving and gathering in to the depths in preparation to be protected and nourished throughout the cold Winter months.

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