Summer Tip Tip #10- 'Green Energy'

Recharge your batteries!

You can utilise the summer sunlight to boost your energy - as long as you eat your greens!

There seems to be no end to the list of benefits of dark green, leafy veg - and just in case you need another reason, here it is:  a recent study showed that animal cells are capable of producing energy in the presence of chlorophyll, similar to the processes generated by plants. 

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Summer Top Tip #9 Fire Element and the Heart 

Fire Element, the Heart and Small Intestine


In Chinese Medicine, Summer is associated with the Fire phase and the Heart. The main functions of the Heart are considered to be housing the spirit, and pumping oxygen rich blood around the body.  Just as in the summer the sun spreads warmth and light over the Earth, the Heart pumps warm nourishing blood throughout the body.  

When the Heart blood is deficient, the spirit does not have a good resting place and there can be symptoms of restlessness, anxiety and insomnia. A disorder of the Heart organ can also affect communication and speech resulting in stutters, manic talking or disjointed thinking.

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SUMMER TOP TIP #8 Embrace summer fruits

TOP TIP #8 Vitamin C – embrace summer fruits!

Did you know that signs of vitamin C deficiency can be fatigue, muscle weakness, bleeding gums and leg rashes?



This vital vitamin serves many important functions in the body including to repair and regenerate tissues, protecting against heart disease, supporting immune function, aiding the absorption of iron and producing collagen, which is essential for improving skin elasticity giving the skin a healthy glow for the summer, while also reducing the appearance of cellulite!

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SUMMER TOP TIP #7 - Cooling Bitters

TOP TIP #7 Green leaves

In Chinese Medicine, the taste that resonates with summertime and the fire element is ‘bitter’. Bitter foods can clear heat from the body.


Examples include many of the salad leaves that are around at this time of year - lettuce, rocket, mustard leaf, and other bitter green vegetables.

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SUMMER BLOG #6 - Strengthen Yang

TOP TIP #6 Yang energy

The sun is the symbol of summer - light and heat. 


In Chinese Medicine, summertime is thought to be the season to strengthen our Yang energies, so we need to absorb as much warmth and light from the sun as possible.


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