Autumn Top Tip #4 - Herbal Flu remedy

At this time of the year, rosehips are in abundance around England.


Rosehips are the fruit of the rose plant, their colour ranges from red to orange.


Rosehips are great at this time of year to give the immune system a good boost. Rich in vitamin C and flavonoids, rosehips are excellent for cold and flu prevention when made into a syrup. Adding raw local honey increases its antibacterial activities.


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Summer Tip Tip #10- 'Green Energy'

Recharge your batteries!

You can utilise the summer sunlight to boost your energy - as long as you eat your greens!

There seems to be no end to the list of benefits of dark green, leafy veg - and just in case you need another reason, here it is:  a recent study showed that animal cells are capable of producing energy in the presence of chlorophyll, similar to the processes generated by plants. 

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SUMMER TOP TIP #8 Embrace summer fruits

TOP TIP #8 Vitamin C – embrace summer fruits!

Did you know that signs of vitamin C deficiency can be fatigue, muscle weakness, bleeding gums and leg rashes?



This vital vitamin serves many important functions in the body including to repair and regenerate tissues, protecting against heart disease, supporting immune function, aiding the absorption of iron and producing collagen, which is essential for improving skin elasticity giving the skin a healthy glow for the summer, while also reducing the appearance of cellulite!

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SUMMER TOP TIP #3 'Aloe 'Aloe

TOP TIP #3 Aloe Vera

Keep an aloe plant handy in case of sunburns, rashes and insect bites.


Aloe vera is a succulent plant, easy to care for and very versatile. It has been used for hundreds of years topically as a cooling wound healer and internally for a variety of digestive complaints.

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SUMMER TOP TIP #2 Refresh Yourself

TOP TIP #2 Mint leaf

Mint leaf is well known for its cooling effect in the body and is perfect for the summer months.


Used internally to reduce bloating, relax smooth muscle tissue in the digestive tract and to stimulate bile production, it can be enjoyed as a tea or added to juices, smoothies, salads and wraps.  For more info on research & trials read here

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Beauty from the Inside Out - Herbal Remedies for the Skin

Beauty comes from the inside. The best skin herbs tend to 'cleanse' the body of toxins on the inside by aiding detoxification, making you glow on the outside!

Cleavers (Gallium aparine) 

Folklore states that drinking a cold infusion of this for nine weeks will make you so beautiful, you will become irresistible! 

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Brain boosters-  Energising Balls

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TOP TIP #10 Living in Rhythm with Spring

Chinese Medicine doesn’t discuss the concept of detoxing as such, rather the focus is on creating balance within our bodies through living in harmony with the seasons and the changes in nature.

Living in Rhythm with Spring

Spring is a time to grow and to start putting plans into action.  There is often a sense of tension, felt in the energetic potential of the young buds, and the uncertainty as to when the warm weather will be here to stay. 

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Spring Cleanse Top Tip #5 Sucking lemons

Top Tip #5 Sucking lemons


Lemons are rich in vitamin C along with phytonutrients such as beta carotene, lutein and zexanthin -  all excellent to aid detox after a period of indulgence.Hence, starting off the day with a glass of lukewarm water and slice of lemon can aid cleansing of the digestive tract and set you right up for the day.

Tomorrow we'll be looking at which vegetables are especially beneficial to eat during a detox...

Spring Cleanse Top Tip #4 Herbal Detox Recipe

TOP TIP#4 - A palatable and safe traditional detox recipe

Dandelions, Nettle and Cleavers cold infusion for a cleansed body & beautiful skin:

Take a good handful each of cleavers, dandelion leaves and nettles (use gloves for this one!)

Rinse and place in a 1-2 litre jug of cold water.

Leave to infuse overnight.

In the morning, strain and drink the liquid.


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Spring Cleanse TOP TIP #3 Stinging Soup

Top Tip #4

NETTLE is used by herbalists traditionally as a blood tonic, being full of minerals, particulalry iron, magnesium and calcium.

Nettle Latin name: Urtica dioica


Nettles are another easily recognisable plant. It has been said everyone can find this plant, even in the dark. It is used by herbalists traditionally as a blood tonic, being full of minerals, particularly iron, magnesium and calcium, for replenishing the body’s post-winter depleted stocks.  

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Spring Cleanse Top Tip #2 Wet The Beds


DANDELION is a diuretic and encourages detoxification through the increase of urine. Therefore it has an effect on the kidneys.


Dandelion Latin name: Taraxacum officinale



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10 TOP TIPS for a 'Great Spring Cleanse' #1

TOP TIP#1 Top Spring Herbs to make yourself beautiful!

Cleavers Aka sticky willie, goosegrass, clivers.  Latin name: Galium aparine


This long, stringy, sticky herb is recognised by some people as the tool of playground games: children enjoy throwing the plant at each other, with the goal of sticking it to someone's back without them noticing.  However, look closely and you will notice that it is because of thousands of tiny hooks rather than a sticky glue that gives it this effect.

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Recipes from the launch event

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