SUMMER TOP TIP #5 - Cooling Beauty

TOP TIP #5 Rose Water

Another handy herbal item to carry with you during hot summer days is rose water.

When sourcing your rose water make sure to get a good product which does not have any additives or preservatives. True aromatic waters are produced through a distillation process, similar to the one that produces essential oils. They are very rich in their action as they contain most of the oil components, as well as some of the lighter water soluble compounds that you would usually find in a water extraction. 

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Beauty from the Inside Out - Herbal Remedies for the Skin

Beauty comes from the inside. The best skin herbs tend to 'cleanse' the body of toxins on the inside by aiding detoxification, making you glow on the outside!

Cleavers (Gallium aparine) 

Folklore states that drinking a cold infusion of this for nine weeks will make you so beautiful, you will become irresistible! 

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Spring Cleanse Top Tip #4 Herbal Detox Recipe

TOP TIP#4 - A palatable and safe traditional detox recipe

Dandelions, Nettle and Cleavers cold infusion for a cleansed body & beautiful skin:

Take a good handful each of cleavers, dandelion leaves and nettles (use gloves for this one!)

Rinse and place in a 1-2 litre jug of cold water.

Leave to infuse overnight.

In the morning, strain and drink the liquid.


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