Autumn Top Tip #1 Breathing Exercises


In Chinese Medicine every season is associated with an element.


With autumn that is metal.  The related organs are the lung and large Intestine, and the related emotion is grief.


Breathing exercises can help strengthen the function of these organs and thus help us attune ourselves with autumn and deal with grief.


A great breathing exercise to try is the 4-7-8 technique.

Why breathing exercises?

The lung and its paired organ the large intestine have a down-bearing and dispersing movement. Lingering sadness or grief that has not been dealt with causes the lung to contract so it is unable to expand and distribute qi around the body. Effective breathing assists the lung to spread qi around the body.

The large intestine allows us to ‘let go’ of what is necessary.  This of course refers to the expulsion of waste from our bodies, but also the ability to let go of old emotions, especially grief.  


In a physical sense, the lung and large intestine are connected as deep breathing, using the diaphragm, literally massages the abdomen, encouraging movement of the intestines.


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