Autumn Top Tip #2 Warming Foods and Pungent Spices


As we saw in the previous blog, the element associated with autumn is metal, the organs lung and large intestine, and the emotion grief.


The taste associated with autumn is ‘pungent’.  This taste creates expansion - activating the circulation of qi and dispersing accumulation of moisture.  


Pungent foods include ginger, spring onions, and garlic - all foods that can help us fight off the cold and flu viruses that are so common at this time of year.  


Try these: Spring onion soup or ginger tea can be great to ward off colds.

Autumn is also a time to move to more warming foods – soups and steamed veg instead of salads.


Root vegetables, which have a downward movement of qi, are very beneficial.


Try these: Beef stew, carrot and ginger soup, fish with sweet potato mash and steamed veg.

RECIPE: Non-Alcoholic Mulled Cider


  • Apple juice (preferably unfiltered and organic)
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Cinnamon sticks 
  • Cloves
  • Orange slices 
  • Ginger


Warm up some apple juice in a small saucepan

Add your spices and orange slices into the apple juice

Let the apple juice mix with the spices on a low simmer for about 20mins

Add a splash of about a tsp apple cider vinegar

Enjoy on a cold Autumn evening!


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