Summer Top Tip #9 Fire Element and the Heart 

Fire Element, the Heart and Small Intestine


In Chinese Medicine, Summer is associated with the Fire phase and the Heart. The main functions of the Heart are considered to be housing the spirit, and pumping oxygen rich blood around the body.  Just as in the summer the sun spreads warmth and light over the Earth, the Heart pumps warm nourishing blood throughout the body.  

When the Heart blood is deficient, the spirit does not have a good resting place and there can be symptoms of restlessness, anxiety and insomnia. A disorder of the Heart organ can also affect communication and speech resulting in stutters, manic talking or disjointed thinking.

Balancing Your Heart Energy

  • Simply hold your hands palm to palm in prayer position
  • You can do this any time, any place.  Ideally you will focus your attention on your hands or in your chest area, but this is not necessary.
  • Hold this positions for 10mins or longer and it will help keep your energy from scattering.



The middle of the palm connects with the Heart energies

The fingers have channels that run through the chest so holding them together helps the energy to gather here.


Earth Energy

The Earth energy is very grounding and can nourish the heart or ground energy that is rising excessively.

The summer time is a great time to connect with the earth - walk barefoot in the soil or get your hands dirty in the garden.



Did you know that animal cells are capable of producing energy in the presence of chlorophyll, similar to the processes generated by plants?  Check here tomorrow to read more...