SUMMER BLOG #6 - Strengthen Yang

TOP TIP #6 Yang energy

The sun is the symbol of summer - light and heat. 


In Chinese Medicine, summertime is thought to be the season to strengthen our Yang energies, so we need to absorb as much warmth and light from the sun as possible.


  • Be outside as much as possible - sit outside during lunch breaks or after work
  • Wake early to experience the dawn rays
  • As always, go for a walk and observe nature opening itself to the sun

Of course, it is important to be sensible with sun exposure - see our blog on sun protection for more information and advice.

Now that the weather is getting hot, many buildings will start to turn on the air-conditioning. Our bodies' energy changes according to the changes in nature, so it can be very confusing to be breathing this cold manufactured air.  


If possible, don't stay in air-conditioned rooms any longer than you have to. If you must spend prolonged periods of time in air-conditioned rooms, make sure you also spend ample time outside in the fresh air, and consider drinking ginger tea to expel the cold from your body and protect your yang energies. 


Check here tomorrow to read about summer dietary advice from a Chinese Medical perspective.