SUMMER TOP TIP #7 - Cooling Bitters

TOP TIP #7 Green leaves

In Chinese Medicine, the taste that resonates with summertime and the fire element is ‘bitter’. Bitter foods can clear heat from the body.


Examples include many of the salad leaves that are around at this time of year - lettuce, rocket, mustard leaf, and other bitter green vegetables.

During these warmer months it can be beneficial to eat cooling foods. Generally, most fruit and vegetables are cooling. It can be useful to eat these raw as that enhances their cooling action.


Caution: if you have a sensitive digestive system, soups and lightly steamed veg may be better for you, or simply ensure you have the salad as a side to a warm cooked dish, and not just on its own.



Drink Warm Drinks

In Chinese medicine it is generally advised to drink warm drinks such as green tea, or water at room temperature all year round, rather than ice cold drinks.  The stomach likes to be warm to be able to digest our food efficiently, so it is thought that drinking cold drinks can hinder digestion.


A recent study has shown that drinking a hot drink on a hot day can indeed cool you down. The research shows that as long as the additional sweat that is produced when you drink is able to evaporate, it can result in a lower amount of heat stored inside your body.



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