Brain boosters-  Energising Balls

Boosting brain function, improving mood and increasing stress resilience with food were the themes of our Eat Well Workshop on Wednesday. 

With our enthusiastic attendees, we explored how to balance blood sugar levels & boost gut bacteria, which produce important short-chained fatty acids. Short-chained fatty acids help to fuel the brain in-between meals, thus avoiding energy dips. We also learned about simple ways to include more essential fatty acids into the diet, as well as tasty ways to boost our intake of greens (and with them vital magnesium and calcium). 


For 'breakfast' we served a delicious 'slow releasing' antioxidant packed muesli and a smoothie. This was followed by salmon salad for brainpower served with a brain boosting omega 3 powerhouse loaf (gluten free). For dessert we made energising balls - our all-time favourite! Try it for yourself!


Energising balls



Ground almonds (rich in essential fatty acids)

Ground linseeds (high in Omega 3s)

Raw honey (we had our own local Camden Honey from Susi & Jon's own bees)-

Fruit powder - we used blackcurrant and passion fruit- passion fruit was the favourite taste- blackcurrant gives an amazing colour! (Fruit powders like this are very rich flavonoids and other antioxidant compounds)

Cacao powder (good antioxidant and enhances neurotransmitters activity) 


Mix ground almonds with fruit powder and add some honey, enough for it to have a sticky consistency. Form 10 pence size balls, let them rest for a few minutes. Prepare a bowl with some cacao powder in the meantime, then roll he balls in the bowl to coat lightly with the cacao powder.



Thank you to all of our participants for your enthusiasm and feedback: "I really like that not only do we make tasty recipes but that you provide the chemical background as well to explain why these foods are important, when and how to eat them and how to best prepare them." (Participant)


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