TOP TIP #10 Living in Rhythm with Spring

Chinese Medicine doesn’t discuss the concept of detoxing as such, rather the focus is on creating balance within our bodies through living in harmony with the seasons and the changes in nature.

Living in Rhythm with Spring

Spring is a time to grow and to start putting plans into action.  There is often a sense of tension, felt in the energetic potential of the young buds, and the uncertainty as to when the warm weather will be here to stay. 

It is a delicate time of year as we need to embrace the change that is occurring between the Yin of Winter and the Yang of Summer and cope with the fluctuations between the two.  We therefore need to honour both the upwards and outwards movement that is happening and mirror this in our lives by becoming more active, while at the same time recognizing the vulnerability of such young energy and continue to nourish and protect ourselves.


The following activities can help us move in rhythm with the energies of Spring.

Increase the amount of exercise we do - gentle running, swimming, walking, and especially stretching helps the Liver qi  work through any blockages.

Try and keep our inner climate stable by continuing to wrap up warm - plant seedlings need the protection of a greenhouse!  This will help nurture Yang up to the summer peak.

In particular, protect the neck from cold air and wind.  The acupuncture point in this region is named ‘Windgate’ as it is the doorway through which Wind enters the body and gives us colds and flus.

Explore a way to express yourself, forgive someone, or break through some old resentments.

Go for a walk and observe the greenness of the nature.  Outdoor air helps the qi flow smoothly as the Lungs invigorate the Liver.  If the breath is deep enough, the diaphragm literally pumps the physiological liver.


Some appropriate dishes for Springtime from a Chinese Dietary perspective...

Honey & mint tea is gently warming and encourages qi upwards.

Ginger and spring onion soup is perfect for clearing Wind from the body.

Raw mung bean and licqorice water detoxifies and clears heat from the body.

Green salads and lightly steamed green leaves support the Liver.

Drinking warm water with fresh lemon juice first thing in the morning helps to detox the Liver.