Spring Cleanse TOP TIP #9 Liver Qi Gong

In Chinese Medicine Springtime is associated with the Wood element which relates to the Liver organ.  The Liver is thought to smooth the flow of qi around the channels of the body, removing physical, emotional or energetic blockages.

It is important therefore to support the Liver energy during this time to assist in 'detoxing' the channels.  The following Qi Gong exercise can be used to activate and energise the Liver qi.

This exercise can be done sitting with a straight spine, or standing with feet a comfortable distance apart and knees soft.  Move slowly and deliberately without stretching your muscles to their full extent.


  1. Bring your arms out in front of you and as you inhale circle them upwards above your head. With arms bent at the elbows, interlace your fingers and turn your hands palms up.  Push upwards, gently straightening your elbows.
  2. Hold your breath and stretch to one side, hold in position and exhale slowly, making a long ‘SSSsssssss’ sound.
  3. After you have fully exhaled, slowly straighten back up, bend your elbows, release your hands and bring your arms down and round each side of your body drawing a big circle in the air, as they once more come to relax at your sides.
  4. You can repeat about four times on each side.