10 TOP TIPS for a 'Great Spring Cleanse' #1

TOP TIP#1 Top Spring Herbs to make yourself beautiful!

Cleavers Aka sticky willie, goosegrass, clivers.  Latin name: Galium aparine


This long, stringy, sticky herb is recognised by some people as the tool of playground games: children enjoy throwing the plant at each other, with the goal of sticking it to someone's back without them noticing.  However, look closely and you will notice that it is because of thousands of tiny hooks rather than a sticky glue that gives it this effect.

Folklore claims that 'whoever should only drink cleavers water for 9 weeks shall be so beautiful, everyone will fall in love with them'. It has been recorded in many ancient herbals including the 15th Century Herbal of the Royal Welsh Physicians of Mydffai. They recommended infusions of cleavers in seawater to ‘expel and completely destroy eruptive poison from the blood and humours’ and for boils and ulcers.


This is reflected in the modern use for moving and helping the lymphatic system cleanse the body’s tissues and clearing skin problems. We wouldn't recommend the seawater recipe, however a tea can be made from infusing fresh or dried cleavers.