Top 10 Tips for the Festive Season

Top Tip #10!!

Now, after getting a good nights sleep, do you find it hard to wake up for work feeling refreshed and perky during the dark winter months? 

Does a strong cup of coffee set you right? Try a naturopathic alternative to coffee that involves no coffee - a cold arm bath. Submerge your arms (referred to as a local reflex area) into a large basin or sink of cold water (temperature 16 degrees celsius please) for 15-30 seconds only! Yes we know its cold...very cold, however, we promise you'll leave for work bright eyed and bushy tailed.



Top Tip #9             

Struggling to get a good night's sleep? To improve sleep, spray or sponge your lower legs and feet with cold tap water for two minutes and dry off immediately before getting into bed.  Or use a cold, semi-dry sponge or cloth and massage your belly in a clockwise motion between 12 and 20 times whilst lying in bed, turning the cloth over whenever it gets warm. No need to dry off after this one, just drop it by the side of the bed and you'll sleep soundly.


Don't you just love the versatility of water? We certainly let us know how it works for you. Tomorrow we will show you how water can beat the strongest cup of coffee.


Top Tip #8

Headaches? Foot baths aren’t just for achy or tired feet. Soak your feet in comfortably hot water, wrap a blanket around you to keep warm and add a very cold cotton folded flannel onto your forehead. The cold compress on your head will divert blood away from the affected area whilst the hot foot bath will cause your blood vessels to open up, drawing further pressure from your pounding head. Soak for 10 to 30 minutes, adding hot water as needed to maintain the temperature of the foot bath. (Don’t forget to take your feet out before you add the hot water!). Finish by drying your feet thoroughly and applying warm woolly socks.

Top Tip #7

Aromatherapy Inhalation

We all fall prey to yearly winter coughs, colds, flu and congestion. To prevent or alleviate suffering from any of these ailments, add a few drops of Ravesnara Essential Oil to a diffuser or oil burner at home or work.


Considered antibacterial, antimicrobial, antispasmodic, antiviral, Ravensara essential oil is a great expectorant that loosens phlegm or catarrh deposits in the respiratory system and help to ease their passage out of the body.



Top Tip #6

Winter is a time of storage, a time to conserve, nourish and build our energy reserves ready for the explosion of Spring.


Gentle exercise such as walking, qi gong, or yoga can be beneficial to get the qi and body fluids circulating without sweating, which would lose some of our vital Yang energy that we need to conserve in the winter.

Top Tip #5

Adding bitters to our diets keeps our digestion healthy and strong. Why not try starting your meal with a salad of bitter greens such as kale, radicchio, rocket or even dandelion leaves? They will stimulate those digestive juices to help you absorb nutrients better and keep your liver happy.




Top Tip #4

Let’s face it most of us will drink a little bit more alcohol over the Christmas period. A way to protect our livers from the detrimental effects of excessive alcohol consumption is Milk Thistle. This popular herbal remedy possesses antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which can be highly beneficial to the liver.

In any case drink sensibly to make the most of this festive season!  



Top tip #3

If you are worried about overindulging this Christmas, then make sure you keep some ginger at home.

Sipping ginger tea or chewing on fresh ginger can help digest heavy meals and offer relief from nausea and gas production. Also great to use if you feel a cold coming on - a double winner!




Top tip #2

Keep Warm


In Chinese medicine, the Kidney is the main organ associated with this time of year. The Kidney is thought to be the Gate of Life, storing our essence and regulating reproduction and development. It is particularly weakened through cold so it is important to keep ourselves warm, especially the areas of the body related to the Kidney.

  • Lower back – Wear a vest or a haramaki (Kidney warmer).
  • Feet and ankles – Thick warm socks and hot foot baths.
  • Ears – Wooly hats and ear muffs.
  • Throat - Always wear a scarf.

Top tip #1

Chopped onions steeped for a few hours in honey make a soothing cough syrup. Take one spoonful every few hours to calm sore throats and dry coughs.